About Our Team

Welcome to the TVS ALUMNI NETWORK (TAN) ! We're here to connect alumni from all around the world and keep you informed of events held in the school (e.g. social gatherings, pep talks) and the latest news on what is happening on campus.


To strengthen the professional networking among alumni.

To foster solidarity to ensure continuous engagement within the alumni and with the school.

To work for the betterment of school and its members.

To maintain a database of TVSMHSS Alumni Association, enabling them to reconnect with their friends.

To provide a forum for discussion of common-interest issues.

To provide a means for career networking and mentoring to both TVSMHSS Alumni Association and to current students who need guidance.

To be a source of information about the current activities goings-on in TVSMHSS

To provide an occasional “walk down memory lane”, back to our days in TVSMHSS.

What we Do


Build & Maintain an
Updated Alumni Database

With our robust Database Management System, you will never have to worry about your alumni database.

Plan & Organize Successful
Reunions / Alumni Meets

Alumni events/reunions play a very important role in bringing alumni together and keeping them engaged. We Plan, Publicize and Organize alumni meets effectively.

Involve Alumni in
Student Development

Alumni participation can go a long way in making students industry ready. TAN eases identification of industry specific experts/mentors and involving them in various student development activities.

Identify & Showcase
Alumni Achievers

High-achieving alumni are the pride of every institution. TAN Identifies and Showcase our distinguished alumni and connect them back to their alma-maters.

Instant and Targeted

Keeping alumni constantly engaged needs regular and targeted communication from the School. With TAN, sorting alumni based on various criteria and instant & targeted communication is a breeze.

Help alumni share opportunities
& leverage the network

Alumni Networks are extremely powerful communities waiting to be leveraged in an effective manner. TAN helps alumni share Job & Business Opportunities, knowledge and other resources instantly.